“It was a pleasure to witness such a passionate guitar driven songwriter whose work springs from such a musical landscape.”

       -Patty Larkin, Vanguard Recording Artist-


    “John’s music dances on the very tip of a needle stuck solidly between subtlety and power, and the beauty is in his ability to lean toward one side of the other at a finger snap”

                                                               -Kelly Joe Phelps, Rounder Records Recording Artist-

“John Floridis was very inspiring. He plays so well.”

        -Shawn Colvin / Grammy Award Winner, Sony Recording Artist-

    “Wow, great guitar sounds, amazing breadth and depth of material, so well played and sung!  Way to go!”

                                                                -Catie Curtis, Compass Records Recording Artist-

“If I had your music implanted in my brain I think I would be so much happier, thinner, peaceful, richer, etc....it moves my blood.”

        -Susan Gibson, Grammy Nominated Songwriter-

    “Stellar guitar playing..fine melodic/harmonic sense and groovy rhythmic feel..songs that are thoughtful and evocative and a voice that’s soulful and strong.”

                                                            -Rich Middleton, Victory Review, Seattle, Wa.-

“Floridis pushes the folk guitar idiom to a level far beyond his contemporaries...always using technique as a tool rather than an end unto itself. A boatload of talent”

        -John Bruening, Cleveland Free Times, Cleveland, Oh.-

    “Citing influences from Hendrix to Segovia, Floridis is at once a virtuostic technician and passionate pop musician.”

                                                            -Nick Heil, The Pacific Inlander, Spokane, Wa.-

“Folk-rock that is hard to pigeon-hole. It has the complexity and subtleties of Shawn Colvin, but rocks harder...brings to mind Michael Hedges, but has more pop appeal and best of all, can be genuinely funky.”

       -The Missoula Independent, Missoula, Mt.-

    “Floridis slaps his guitar into high octane frenzies but can also sing a moving lyric or pen a poignant ballad.”

                                                           -Michael Moore, The Missoulian, Missoula, Mt.-

“A solid stage presence and a guitar technique that is innovative and downright stunning to witness.”

        -Don McIvor, Bridgerland Folk Music Society, Logan, Ut.-

    “The solo acoustic guitar selections are demonstrations of virtuosity like few of us have heard in Jackson Hole.”

                                                           -Tom Hacker, Jackson Hole News, Jackson Hole, Wy.-

“Phenomenal Playing, writing and performing.”

        -Micha Solomon, President, Oasis Duplication-

    “A world class songwriter with a larger than life guitar presence.

                                                            -Tom Garnsey, Vootie Productions, Bozeman, Mt.

Photo by Scott Johnston


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